Build Better

Build Better:
Tropofica invites you to recall a time when work was done not in pursuit of accolades, or likes, or follows. Pride was taken in the ability to provide – a service, a product, a structure, a meal.  A belief in hard work subverted the appeal of the shortcut, and a job well-done was its own reward. Applying these notions, whether a man works for a company or heads a company, he can always consider himself self-employed.
The Tropofica Build Better collection is a call to action to take your work beyond the cycle of disposables, beyond what’s expected, beyond “good enough.”
To the creatives, the workers, the builders, and the makers, we exalt your creations that both function and inspire. This collection celebrates the person, the body, and the mind as the primary tools in the work we all do and reminds us the garments we choose to put on our backs are tools as well and should be designed as such with both form and function in mind.
 Whatever your vocation, goals, or journey, we invite you to
Build Better.